Party Planning Checklist

Party Planning Checklist

Party planning can be a fun, but often frazzling time for most folks. So we’ve put together a list of helpful party planning tips that can save you both time and money, while also making a BIG impression on attendees.

So what’s the theme of the party? Is it tropical? Is it a historic era (ie: 30s, 60s, 80s)? Or is it a good ‘ol fashioned Birthday Party? Whatever the party, we recommend you pick a fun theme that’s bound to get folks in a festive mood. Most memorable parties have a few things in common:

1) They have a Great Theme

2) They make a BIG impression once you walk into the room

3) They leave you wanting more after you’ve left

So, how do we accomplish the above 3 points on a budget, and make sure that our party is the party that everyone continues to talk about for months? Well, here’s a list of items that you should consider before taking that trip to the store or shopping online:

1) Decorations – We’re talking streamers, bows, banners, balloons and more.

2) Food & Drinks – Don’t skimp on food and beverages as it’s the focus point of many events. You can make sure you’ve got the basics covered (ie: Sodas, Wine, Beer, Chips, Dips, Burgers, Veggie Trays, etc), but put a couple of extra bucks into something a little different like making your own Hummus or Dip or Spread. Try offering an “Italian Soda” instead of a generic name that everyone knows. Add a special dressing to that salad and toss in some Candied Pecans or some freshly made Garlic Croutons to add that special flair.

3) Good Music – online radio stations are great, like Pandora, Spotify or Last.FM. These set the mood and can play continuously.

4) Party Favors – small gifts that can be bought on a budget in advance are always a fun treat. Examples include a small picture frame so folks can be mailed photos that were taken at the party in front of a backdrop or display and can remember the fun event forever. A specialty candy is always a fun treat – think Swiss chocolate or something a bit different like a homemade cookie. yum!

5) Dancing – Everyone loves a good rhythm, so get out there and make sure that everyone dances at least 1 song. It takes a spark to start a fire, and great parties usually have a few sparks in the beginning that loosen everyone up and sets the fun festive tone for the day or evening.


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