When You See It, You’ll Believe It!

  • No Experience Required
  • No Hand Tying of Balloons
  • No Need to Buy Ribbon
  • No Loss of Helium during Inflation
  • Includes 10″ Assorted Color Self-Sealing Latex Balloons
  • Small Kit includes 7.9 cu. ft Tank + 20 Balloons
  • Large Kit includes 14.9 cu. ft. Tank + 50 Balloons 
  • Tank is Lightweight & Portable
  • Tank can be stored for up to 1 year
  • Tank is Recyclable (after use)

The Magic is in our Patented, E-Z Safety Seal®  Valved Latex Balloons

Our patented E-Z Safety Seal® Valved Balloon automatically seals in the Helium as you inflate! Never Hand Tie another balloon again! Plus, every balloon is pre strung with 4 ft. of satin white ribbon.

Now, you can inflate, seal and string a perfect helium balloon in just 6-seconds! Save more time and money when decorating for a party or event. The disposable helium tanks with self-sealing valved latex balloons are ideal for Birthdays, Parties, Special Events and much more! The Tank is ultra lightweight, conveniently portable and Recyclable after use.

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